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Savages move the world forward.

Does the word “Savage” seem negative to you? Does it seem like we’re saying we’re prehistoric, unlearned, brutal, even?

Look back with us. It was a savage who said “Fire is a thing we can make.” It was a savage who said “Wheels would make this easier.” It was a savage who invented writing, said a man could fly, built the Internet.

To us, a savage is someone who sees potential where others don’t. It’s someone who sees the truth that’s right there in front of everyone, and rearranges beliefs and values until everyone can see it. A savage finds the beliefs that drive cultures, people, and organizations—then shows them how to build a fiery, shared passion around those beliefs; how to reinvent the wheels that gets businesses where they deserve to be.

Once the fire has been lit, your tribe will come. The core truths of your business are your invention—and that unique value will attract the right people. It will change lives. It will drive results. It will take you forward.

Savages light the way. Savages make heavy loads lighter. Savages connect you with the ideas and tools you need to break it all open and rebuild it in new ways, ways that end in sustainable value. Maybe the dust of everyday actions have covered your truths. Maybe the rust on your beliefs has locked your passions into place. If that’s so, you need a savage.

You choose the direction. Savage will help you move your world forward.

"We have tools, processes and templates in place that make our lives easier not more complex. We know that to deliver on our purpose we must communicate with each other openly and honestly. We are not confused and we don’t do double work. We know exactly what is going on around here – what people are working on and what/how to prioritize. We have minimal busy work; we continue and continue to get rid of the useless time sucks. We strive to simplify so we can make room in our lives to do what we love. "
– Savage Painted Picture