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Welcome to Savage Brands Wiki
The knowledge-base created by Savages.
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Our Purpose

  • To provide the employees of Savage Brands a tool to assist in their daily work that makes their jobs easier.
  • To create a collaborative environment where ideas and strategies can be shared.
  • To build a knowledge-base that helps all Savages, present and future.

"We have tools, processes and templates in place that make our lives easier not more complex. We know that to deliver on our purpose we must communicate with each other openly and honestly. We are not confused and we don’t do double work. We know exactly what is going on around here – what people are working on and what/how to prioritize. We have minimal busy work; we continue and continue to get rid of the useless time sucks. We strive to simplify so we can make room in our lives to do what we love. "' – Savage Painted Picture|}